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About Zarenthia

Zarenthia started this conversation

My name is Cassandra, I am a wife and mother of one 3yr old boy. As long as I can remember I have wanted to be a wife and mother. No big fancey career in mind as a child just to have a family. I struggle everyday to stay a stay at home mom. Its not easy, but we try our best.

I am a kind heartfull person who likes to care for others may it be just a listening ear or a helpful advice giver. I love to cook, for my family and for others. I also cook when I'm stressed. Ok, so I eat when I'm stressed too, lol.

I'm a loving wife/mother, a firm parent, and a great friend. I'm a simple good person, lol

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Great Bio, Lady! Nice Job! Nice to see more Kansas Mommies on here! :-)
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