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Please help I'm scared

Thats it the phones are totally cut off. I am so scared that I cant get a hold of my husband now. He is 4 states away we talked everyday. I NEED to talk to him he NEEDs to talk to me. I dont know what to do. I need $210 to turn the phones back on!!!! Please somebody help I'm so worried and scared. I dont like not being able to talk to him and know whats going on.
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Falling apart

 in response to Misty Creek...   I do understand where you are coming from and i appreciate your caring! We do speak everyday wether it be a phone call or many txts. Also he is planned to return home after New Years. He also had the chance to just leave us with no looking back before when we separated, but he missed us and wanted us home. And my heart and gut say trust him. Just answering some of your concerned questions.
Again thank you for your reply :)
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Falling apart

I'm sick of hearing "good things happen to good people". Not only has this whole year been bad but the past 4 months have been the worst ever.
To Start in Aug. my husband asked for a divorce. My world turned upside down and knotted in my stomach. Wondering how I was going to start over with a 3yr old little boy wanting to know where daddy was and why we weren't going home. During this time my husband lost his job and got a rent notice, cable/internet cut off and the power shut off. We were visiting every other week so it was hard to watch him go thru this but almost nice to know I didnt have to worry about it. He got another job and he got the power back on and rent remaind a month behind, but paid.
In Sept. thank God, my husband came to his senses and asked us to come home. Learning how to act around him again and how to talk to eachother again was wierd. But kind of fell back into the same ol same ol, but with little differances. Not to mention his financial problems were mine again. Tho most was caught up rent was still a month behind and cable/net still of (no big deal there).
End of Oct. lost his job, again. And made the desicion to leave for a much needed and previously discussed trip 4 states away. So he took his last paycheck payday loan and bought a bus ticket. He promises between seeing family and friends he will send money.
Nov. 2nd he leaves.(Did not "leave me" he went to see his family that he hadnt seen in 5+yrs, we're still together) Leaving me with back rent owed and payday loans to be paid on top of normal monthly bills. The first week he is there he says he has money but his moms dog chewed up his debt card, so we wait for that to be replaced then he tries to mail it to me it gets lost. Now a month later still now money. I love and trust my husband I beleive he is trying his best to get things done.

Now comes my current problem. My 3yr old son and I have been technicly evicted. ( we have been at my grandparents for THanksgiving and to morn a passing in the family) We owe $1050 in back rent and late fees. My phone was shut off today thats another $210 to turn it back on. I still beleive my husband is trying to take care of this. But now my whole family is trying to convince me he is never coming thru with the money or even coming back.
I have never been so scared. I have no idea what to do. My son has no idea whats going on, which is how I want it. My husband is hurt that everyone is against him.
My family has no money to help, I can't get any loans I've been a stay at home mom so no income, plus still have payday loan places wanting thier money, and no charities can help.

I need a MIRACLE! I mean forget about all the other bills and utilities that need paid, I need my rent and phone paid.
You ask anyone I am a loving and giving person. I always help other people when I can. If some person(angel) were to help me. I would repay the heartfilled kindness back anyway I could to whoever I could.

I need a miracle I need an angel.



**I feel I should add that my husband and I speak everyday and the plan is for him to return home after New Years.

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About Zarenthia

My name is Cassandra, I am a wife and mother of one 3yr old boy. As long as I can remember I have wanted to be a wife and mother. No big fancey career in mind as a child just to have a family. I struggle everyday to stay a stay at home mom. Its not easy, but we try our best.

I am a kind heartfull person who likes to care for others may it be just a listening ear or a helpful advice giver. I love to cook, for my family and for others. I also cook when I'm stressed. Ok, so I eat when I'm stressed too, lol.

I'm a loving wife/mother, a firm parent, and a great friend. I'm a simple good person, lol

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